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I have been practicing yoga since I was 14. Kundalini has been my main focus for 8 years, mentoring with Ravi Hari, and teaching since 2001 - NY Open Center, Universal Force, United Nations, The Federal Reserve Bank, NY Health Clubs and also in Japan and UK. I love to share these techniques in self healing through moving, stretching, chanting, breathing, being present and celebrating this miracle of spirit in physical form. Teaching with joy, reverence and curiosity, calling you gently back to yourself, inspiring you to have the courage to be strong and vulnerable enough to practice and ultimately live, from your heart.


All levels welcome.
Tuesdays - 5:30 - 6:50pm 382 CPW, entrance on w97th St. $15
Wednesdays  12 - 1 @ United Nations 40th Floor, UN employees only. $10
Sundays - 11:30 - 1pm 112 w27th St. off 6th Ave at Moving Body Resources. $20
Mats and blankets provided.
Please email with any questions...

Heart Centered Yoga is a simple, effective and dynamic approach to wellness, to healing ourselves by tapping into our true potential as spiritual beings in a physical body with heart centered awareness...
I use Kundalini Yoga as my main inspiration, whilst incorporating other forms of yoga, movement and dance.
Even just done once a week, this practice can create emotional balance, transforming emotions such as grief and anger, making space for greater joy and calm. It can increase physical stamina and flexibility, and allow release of tense muscles and holding patterns due to stress.
It strengthens the heart, immune, glandular, digestive and nervous systems, cleansing lymph and supporting organ health and function. 
This yoga also works on the subtle energy body, increasing our potency by balancing the chakras, and energizing the aura or electromagnetic field that surrounds the body.

have courage ...
go inside
make friends
with yourself and 
live from your truth
~Sat Nam~